Do Your Potential Customers Forget About You?

Your web business probably gets product inquiries from potential customers around the globe. Inquiries come via e-mail and your web site, and you try to send information to each hot prospect as quickly as you can. You know that you can drastically increase the likelihood of making a sale by satisfying each person’s need for information quickly!

But, after you’ve delivered that first bit of information to your prospect, do you send him any further information?  If you are like most Internet Marketers, you don’t.

Are you losing profits due to inconsistent and ineffective follow up?

Following up with leads is more than just a process – it’s an art. In order to be effective, you need to design a follow up system, and stick t it, EVERY DAY! If you don’t follow up with your prospects consiently, INDIVIDUALLY, and in a timely fashion, then you might as well forget the whole follow up process.  Consistent follow up gets results!

FabulousHelp can set up and monitor:

  • Newsletters
  • Mass mailing
  • Informative letters
  • News bulletins
  • Social media
  • Shopping cart

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