Frances Woodstock is the founder of FabulousHelp.com. Frances-thumbnail-bwAfter many years of working in a corporate environment, she decided to embark upon the cutting edge virtual assistant industry in 2005, in an effort to become the true right hand to any business anytime, anywhere.

As a Virtual Assistant with extensive time-management skills and tremendous organizational skills, she works behind the scenes, handling multiple assignments professionally and accurately. Frances is fully versed in several word processing interfaces allowing for impeccable administrative services. She is also highly knowledgeable in creative computer programs allowing for great website designs as well as marketing and public relations campaigns and implementation.

She is fully dedicated and detail oriented, and with her devoted team in her corner working virtually, you can focus on other important day-to-day tasks – Maximizing your business potential!

Serving small and large companies, FabulousHelp.com is an all-around boutique that encompasses many services such as administrative services, website design, event organization and execution, and marketing and public relations campaigns.

The FabulousHelp.com team will optimize your potential and productivity –That’s the FabulousHelp difference! VAcertified125logonavacnapw_logo




Why did you pick the name FabulousHelp?

It is simple. When you look at the definition of Fabulous:

  • (1) Adjective: 1.Extraordinary 2. Amazingly good; wonderful
  • (2) Synonyms: fabled – mythical – fantastic – fantastical – legendary

When you look at the definition of Help:

  • (1) Verb: Make it easier for (someone) to do something by offering aid
  • (2) Noun: Assistance

You can hire any virtual assistant and get your tasks completed – but – if you’re looking to get extraordinary results; look no further… FabulousHelp strives to give you that amazingly fabled assistance – making it easier for you to continue your daily activities! Handling any type of assignment – large or small, personal or professional; our team gets results – making us the FabulousHelp you’ve been looking for all long.


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